Trip to Google’s 2016 TC Meet-Up

Fingers crossed that I will be able to make it to Google’s Top Contributor Meet-Up later on this September 28, 2016. In really need this in order to keep my sanity.

Between taking care of Mom Monday to Friday  and spending a bit of time in my own home with my husband on week-ends it’s touch and go all the time.

Having installed internet and wi-fi in Mom’s apartment helps me keep in touch with the rest of the world and I can maintain some of my normal online activities in between crises with Mom’s health problems.

After trying Windows 10 on my laptop and failing to make it work with everything I must have, I rolled back to Windows 7  and spent at least a months debugging the fallout from this botched experience. Most annoying. Not even sure I got all the bugs fixed actually.

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Mobile Friendly … Finally!

Rather than scramble my brains I caved in and used a plugin to make this blog mobile friendly. I’ll fix it up some in some undefined future, but for now this is it.

That’s because I didn’t feel like working to modify my theme. Nor did I want to change it altogether. So this is an OK compromise for the time being.

On to better and bigger things, which may matter much more. Or not.


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