Cheese Soufflé Bites

a.k.a Cheesy Poofs

Ingredients (makes 12-pieces for standard muffin pan ):

  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/5 lb butter (3oz, 90gr)
  • 1 cup water (8oz, 250ml)
  • 6 flat tablespoons white flour
  • 150 gr grated cheese (cheddar is best, TexMex mix good too)
  • Optional extras:
    • a small handful (50 gr) finely chopped frozen or fresh spinach (or broccoli or mushrooms), boiled & drained
    • a small sprinkle of bacon bits or 2 finely chopped up strips of  bacon, cooked in the microwave until crisp, drained of their drippings
  • PAM spray or oil or a bit of butter


  • Appropriate size non-stick saucepan
  • 12-piece muffin pan (non-stick, sprayed with PAM or oiled)
  • Whisk or electric hand mixer (but don’t scratch the pot!)
  • Clean dish towel or paper towel
  • Oven mitts



  • In appropriate saucepan, boil water and butter together until butter is melted and it bubbles.

  • Lower the heat.

  • Add all the flour at once, keep mixing with the whisk or the hand blender until mixture is smooth, thick and no longer sticks to pot.
    • Optional: add in the cooked chopped spinach, broccoli or mushrooms and bacon bits.
  • Take pot off the stove and allow to cool down to room temperature.

  • Blend in one egg at a time and some of the cheese, until it’s all mixed.

  • Put mixture in the greased muffin pan, with a spoon. Divide evenly.


  • Pre-heat oven to 425F. Bake for 30min (or longer) until golden.

  • When done, take out pan (use oven mitts!) and empty it on the towel and allow to cool.

Water, butter and flour

Boil water & butter.

Water, butter and flour

Add all the flour.

Blend in flour

Blend in flour, mix to a paste and let cool

Blend in eggs and cheese

Blend in eggs and cheese, alternating. Add optional spinach/broccoli/mushroom & bacon bits (not shown).

Blend in cheese

Blend in cheese and eggs alternating

Pour mixture into muffin pan

Pour mixture into greased muffin pan

Bake at 450F

Bake at 425F for 30 min approximately until golden brown 

Cheese souffle and coffee


Calories: 151 per serving (as analyzed by Very Well).
(NB: does not include optional spinach/broccoli/mushroom and bacon bits.)

Nutrition Facts Cheese Souflé Bites

Nutrition Facts Cheese Souflé Bites

Cost of ingredients (priced from Metro in December 2017):  $4.70 (for 12 units)

PS: To make it more labor and electricity effective I usually prepare this recipe for 4 times the quantities of ingredients, thus I need 4 muffin pans.