Happy New Year 2023

Let’s hope for a much better year in 2023, since 2022 was not exactly stellar in many respects, at least for us.

Oh sure, we still have lots to be happy about in 2022: our twin grandbabies were born last February and are healthy and beautiful, our daughter has found happiness and a soul mate to marry…. Wishing them all a lovely bright future.

But then again, as we get older, our health hasn’t done us many favors. We’re not rocking eternal youth, that’s for sure, but thanks to modern medicine, all the pills we pop help keep ailments at bay, at least hopefully.

It’s winter in Montreal. It started quite a while ago with a vengeance, with lots of snow and quite cold, but just now, for New Year’s Eve, it’s very mild and raining, melting the accumulated snow. I wish it would stay mild for the rest of the winter, but I know it won’t happen. One can hope.

Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Year 2023!

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Boosted and Re-Boosted

The Covid pandemic is not quite over, but it’s petered out significantly, or maybe it’s just more subtle now. Touch wood, neither my husband nor myself have been infected with any of the strains. Phew!

Not so lucky our adult children though. Our daughter got Covid during the fall of the first year of the pandemic, before vaccinations became available. It was nasty enough, but still she got over it in a couple of weeks. She got another bout of it again last winter, after she’d already  been vaccinated and boosted, this time much milder. Our son also got it this past summer and then passed it on to his spouse, both of whom had been vaccinated and boosted. Mercifully their twin babies were spared. That took some doing to keep them safe and healthy when both parents are infected and infectious. Here they are for their first Halloween!

Twin grandbabies' first Halloween

Trick or treat!

At this point I’m also scheduled to get a combo of the flu vaccine and  the latest Covid booster for the predominant variant that still runs around these days. I just need to convince my husband to get his, but that’s a complex undertaking at the best of times.

Happy that most restrictions have long been lifted. But over 2 years of them have got us accustomed to remain homebodies. Or maybe it’s just our advancing age … Oh well…..

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