For the COVID-19 Policy Makers and Bean Counters

In Quebec, Canada, we’re being subjected to ever increasing restrictions and they are based on  daily data that’s interpreted in a flawed manner. The government has reacted to results showing 1000+ positive cases daily by imposing even stricter rules. But at the same time there are more and more tests being administered daily. A lot more.

The wrong metrics are being reported. The percentage of positive cases vs the total number of tests on a given day rather than the total positive results would be much more meaningful.

Right now that’s 3-4% positive and it’s been that for the last couple of weeks at least.

Never mind how many positive cases are reported.

Produce the graphs using the calculated percentages and you’ll see not only a clearer picture, but one that is actually correct.

Maybe then we can have our normal lives back.


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Back to Almost Normal

We’ve had some relaxing of the COVID-19 restrictions over the last few weeks but today marks the first real advancement: re-opening of restaurants with indoor dining rooms and re-opening  of many public outdoor swimming pools.

This is actually huge and so very liberating.

For the pools, we’ve been eagerly awaiting their re-opening because we are in the midst of a scorching heat wave in the Montreal area.

For the restaurants again we’ve had a strong yearning for some fine dining, more than just ordering in or picking up fast food.

Also the very few remaining restaurants that provide in-house entertainment offer a much needed boost to our local musicians who’ve been suffering from having all their spring and  most summer gigs cancelled.

Now is the time to make reservations in these establishments to show our support of the local music industry. In fact this is the first thing I did really, really early this morning when I reserved a table at the House of Jazz, Laval for its re-opening night on June 25, 2020, featuring Melina Soochan.

Let the good times resume 🙂

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