Thanksgiving Weekend 2023 – Give A Turkey A Break

Somehow I’ve managed to skip over most of the 2023 winter, spring and summer! Time flies and it’s not always when you’re having fun.

As we get older there are more health issues. But at least we’ve also had some happy moments, such as our daughter’s wedding that took place in August in Florida. That was sure a big shindig and we all spent a whirlwind week down there. Mind you, Florida weather in August is terribly hot and humid, but at least thankfully we were spared a hurricane.



But as payback for all the fun and joy, both my hubby and myself picked up a virus (no, not Covid!) which put a damper on our appreciation of the event on the way back home. Why is it so damn cold on the airplane?  Unfortunately hubby ended up in hospital for 6 weeks for an unrelated ailment: 2 weeks in ICU, 2 in a regular ward and 2 in a rehabilitation hospital. Now he is thankfully at home, doing quite well, but this sure was a rollercoaster.

So now, after a serious heat wave at the start of fall, we’re suddenly plunged into real fall and not the pretty kind: heavy rains and chilly weather, courtesy of the tail of some Caribbean grown hurricane that hit the east coast of Canada. But as if that weren’t enough, we’ve discovered a new leak in our roof which requires immediate attention from a hopefully capable roofer! Oh well, old age is hitting not just us but our home as well! What else would we spend our savings but on fixing the roof and leaks?

At least our identical twin grandbabies are growing into beautiful boys and are a joy to watch! They got their first grown-up hair cut (at a barber!) and now have officially become toddlers!

Twin Grandbabieis

Twin Grandbabies

So after all we do have a few things to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving weekend!

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey Day

No turkeys were harmed

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