Lost Main Site to New php Bug

OK, so I go on vacation for a couple of weeks and some upgrade of php and/or Apache rendered my main site (www.webado.com) unreachable, with a 500 error.

Something to do with register_globals. Doggone it!

Tried to figure out what change caused it to no avail so I redirected it to this blog while I can figure out what’s going on.

No great loss in the grand scheme of things, but it annoys me no end to have to tinker with an old site just to make it accessible instead of taking my sweet time to rebuild it nicely.

And then again I might never have rebuilt it were it not for this bug.  Still, I prefer to pick my work and not have it imposed on me 🙁

But after a whole day of rebuilding I discovered that apparently it was a file called php.ini that was the culprit. Seems it’s no longer acceptable or some directives from it are not acceptable. I deleted it and all is OK.

I did however rebuild the site (not in any visible way, just internal cleanup). I also stopped redirecting it here.

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