Making A Music Video – Day One

Today was Day One of the making of a new music video. I won’t spill the beans whose video it is, or what it’s about. Not yet anyway. Time enough after it’s all done.

I was in charge of catering, last minute chauffeuring and also got drafted as an extra in the scene that was being filmed today.

This is the forth music video I’ve been involved with, and every time I’ve been caterer and general gofer. But getting my mug in the picture wasn’t in my plans, good thing I’d managed to at least wash my hair last night and had a bit of basic makeup with me in the deep recesses of my all-purpose handbag, perfect “to take the shine off” as they say. I say also needed to actually give me a “face” this early in the day 😉

Besides getting everybody down to the location on time (Montreal is a big city!), the director’s “talk”, dressing and makeup for the principals, the filming of a possibly 10-20 second sequence took at least one hour, maybe 10 trials. Hard to say actually which were being filmed and which weren’t. Just when you think it’s a great shot somebody trips over something, gets the giggles…. and it’s “Cut!” and start over.

But a good time was had by all, and it seems my sandwiches were a hit as well 🙂 We still have 4 more days of shooting it seems so I’ll need to get creative with the meal planning, lest they start to find it too boring.

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