Making A Music Video – Day Three

On day three we filmed in a house, a wonderful converted double duplex with great floor space and high ceilings and a nice wide double entrance door, flanked by tall windows letting in plenty of outside light. This was crucial to the original script but ….

Ended up having some trouble with the natural lighting as the weather did not cooperate one bit, a snow storm started all of a sudden, with grey dull skies that no amount of supplemental light could add life to. So the scenario had to be modified a bit as it became quite obvious that nobody could be coming in through the front door as so would the snow, the wind and the cold. It was supposed to be sunny if not quite warm…. Damn Montreal weather… this is SPRING????

My part was the same as it’s been every time: caterer and general gofer. Managed both it seems quite OK.

To be continued the next weekend…..

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