Victim of plant theft TWICE!

This past August we redid our landscaping at great expense. We planted 3 hydrangeas in front of our house: 1 shrub and two young trees. Lovely!

Doggone it! Within 10 days the 2 young hydrangea trees were stolen overnight. A couple of weeks later we replaced them and tied them down as best we could. My husband would wake up several times a night to check on them.

They survived intact until last night when again they were stolen along with the shrub that had been spared the first time, somewhere around 2-3 am.

There are no words to describe the fury I feel.  These thefts cost us several hundred dollars plus the effort to plant and care for these plants.

I can’t even begin to understand what these thieves hope to achieve in mid-November with these plants. It’s too late and cold in the season to plant them and hope they take anywhere. Yesterday we had snow, and we’ll have plenty more in the days to come.

Maybe they were just vandals rather than opportunistic thieves. No consolation anyway. May these s.o.b.’s rot in hell!

And this is Remembrance day. Yeah, I’ll remember this alright 🙁


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GDPR – Horrors!

This post would be a lot longer if I allowed myself to include all the expletives that come to mind concerning this hare-brained EU requirement.

So I and countless other webmasters have been jumping up and down through hoops to reassure the cry-babies of Europe that cookies are tasty and harmless but, hey, they can block them or delete them if they want. Then see how much they like the Internet without cookies!

I don’t know what diabolical mind came up with this *expletive deleted* crap!  So click or don’t click the cookie message, I don’t care. I sell nothing here, but I may be tempted to sell you some tinfoil for your privacy protection.

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