Snow, Ice, Rain, Ice, Snow

We have been having such obnoxious yo-yo weather.

Temps going from -25C up to +8C and down again. And no, the average is not good, the low temps linger much longer than the higher ones.

I am hibernating, I loath going out in this mess.

Wake me up if and when the groundhog predicts an early spring, if such a miracle should happen. Else I will keep on hibernating until the tree blossoms appear – cca May.

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Christmas Season Is Upon Us

Woke up to SNOW! The first real snow of the season. We can expect loads of it as winter progresses.

It kind of puts one in the Christmas spirit, at least those of us who’ve yet to make a move on searching for and buying gifts.

At least I have managed to put up a Christmas tree and some outdoors lights.
Our Christmas Tree

Now it’s time to go shopping for presents and to stock up on holiday essentials to prepare a special meal, worthy of Christmas.

I’ll be making (yet again) my world famous Christmas cake

Fruit and nut cake on a Christmas platter

Fruit and nut cake – pretty on a Christmas platter!

and the other party favorites: cheesy poofs.

Cheesy poofs!

Cheesy poofs and coffee – enjoy!


The rest is going to be a surprise for everybody. That’s because I haven’t actually planned anything yet. I really on last minute inspiration. But we will eat!

Ok, bring it on!

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