GDPR – Horrors!

This post would be a lot longer if I allowed myself to include all the expletives that come to mind concerning this hare-brained EU requirement.

So I and countless other webmasters have been jumping up and down through hoops to reassure the cry-babies of Europe that cookies are tasty and harmless but, hey, they can block them or delete them if they want. Then see how much they like the Internet without cookies!

I don’t know what diabolical mind came up with this *expletive deleted* crap!  So click or don’t click the cookie message, I don’t care. I sell nothing here, but I may be tempted to sell you some tinfoil for your privacy protection.

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Red Countertop – How hard is it to find?

How hard can it be to find a nice red (actually burned orange)  kitchen countertop in quartz or granite or whatever other material is available?

I’ve been googling for this for weeks, lots of results are presented but in the end none show me actual countertops in a color even close to what I want, which can be bought anywhere.

How disappointing! I’ve even called some stores, they just want me to come in. Dang, I don’t have the time nor the energy to zip around. I expect an internet search to do that for me.

Seems the style in countertops is very boring: either white or black or brown, whether quartz or granite. Boring!

Sorry that I can’t be a docile client who’ll just ask a kitchen renovation company to build me a new kitchen as they see fit. I know what I want. But I can’t find it. I can’t find it on the internet. What I want may be in the “etc” part of what I find.

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