Damn WP and Curly Quotes!

What else would I bitch about today?

Of course, it’s WordPress!
Specifically how it turns single and double quotes into curly quotes. Automatically!

This in fact mostly affects code you want to show, where it’s important that a quote remain a quote (single or double).
Well the easiest solution that works is to wrap the text in a pair of <pre> ..</pre> tags.

Some themes offer that in the editor either calling it Preformat or pre or code. I prefer to go into Text mode (rather than visual) and add the tags that way.

Anyway I just had to go through a bunch of tutorials on my other site I launched recently, faqhowto.info, and fix them precisely because of that. I have snippets of code for .htaccess directives, php script and html documents. Enough trouble to make one cry 🙁

Bad enough that I had to transfer all the content for the tutorials from a Google Site which I’d meant to do ages ago.  Now this too and who knows what else I’ll find later 🙁 A website is never finished … and then it just becomes obsolete LOL 🙂

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