One week to modernize a website

I did it. All of it. Redesigned my flagship site with a new responsive layout, cleaned up some of the content AND turned it all secure! All in one week.

Well, the layout was hatched over several months of me working on it on and off. Until a week ago I had only the skeleton of the homepage.

Now, yours to enjoy or critique here it is:, secure, modern and mobile friendly. YAY!

Oh I still have some markup and css cleanup to do. No rush.

Also I have some seriously old content there that’s quite obsolete, so it needs to be either dumped or rewritten with new pertinent information for that to be useful. No big rush either. I need to sit back, relax and enjoy my achievement so far 🙂

Now that I did one site, I will be tackling all my other sites one by one. Some only need to go secure, many however need to also be mobile friendly and unfortunately they also need content cleanup.

Yep, I’ll have work for a while yet. Until the next big thing ….

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